Hair Transplant For Women
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Hair Transplant For Women

Hair transplants for women are generally simple surgeries that are done in the office. Although the procedure can be uncomfortable, it rarely takes more than four hours. In most cases, a woman remains awake throughout the surgery. A sedative may be given, but this is not always necessary. A team of two nurses and one doctor will perform the procedure. Patients are not required to have any prior medical history or to be in any discomfort. Read on if you would like to for women!

Patients should know what to expect from a hair transplant for women before they undergo the procedure. The procedure can last anywhere from five to 10 hours. The procedure takes place in the donor area. The surgeon will carefully select this location based on the stability and longevity of the hair. The doctor will use PRP to stimulate the hair follicles and re-grow the transplanted hair. Typically, hair growth takes three to four months.

After the surgery, patients will receive pain medication and antibiotics. A few days after surgery, they can return to work. The hair transplanted will fall out after two to three weeks, but new hair will begin growing in a few months. The cost of a hair transplant for women will depend on the size of the hair loss, the quality of donor grafts, and the amount of the hair being transplanted. As a cosmetic procedure, most insurance carriers will not cover the cost of a hair transplant. This means that patients will have to pay for the procedure out of pocket.

Hair transplants for women will usually be performed on a donor area that is stable for a long period of time. The hair transplant for women will take between five to ten hours, and a post-op pain medication may be prescribed. Most transplanted hair will fall out within two to three weeks, and follicles will regenerate new hair in a few months. While the procedure can be costly, most insurance providers consider it a cosmetic procedure and therefore will not cover the costs. As a result, the patient will be responsible for the cost of the procedure.

A female hairline is different from a man’s. It is generally lower and rounded. A woman’s hairline is distinguished by a cowlick and angles that point backward. The hair implanted by Dr. Lam mimics the youthful female hairline. It also enhances the appearance of the face. The procedure is done under a general anesthesia. It is often performed under general anesthesia. If the surgery is a successful one, the patient will not have to take any medication after the surgery.

The process for a female hair transplant is similar to that of a male. The procedure involves harvesting many follicular units from the donor area. The hair that is transplanted will grow for a few days and fall out in about three to four months. This is the normal course of hair growth. The duration of the transplanted hair will vary. During the first few days after the procedure, it will grow for a few months, and then it will fall out completely. The hair will return in a few weeks.