How to Get the Best Phone Tarot Reading

How to Get the Best Phone Tarot Reading

There are many options for obtaining a tarot reading via phone. We’ll talk about Mysticsense, AskNow, Kasamba, and Psychic Source. We don’t believe that all are the same, but each offers a unique service.


Mysticsense is an online service that pairs you with a psychic who is well-known. The website is simple to use and provides users with a wide variety of psychics. They can select the psychic that they prefer based on their price specifics, specialties, and ratings. If you’re unhappy with the reading and the service is not satisfied, they will refund your money.

Mysticsense’s readings via phone of the tarot are performed by skilled psychics. The average cost is less than $1.99 per hour, however you may pay more for an experienced psychic. can also enjoy three-minute sessions for free.


AskNow allows you to choose from a wide range of psychic advisors. You can sort them by their rates and specialties, as well as review their reviews by customers. All of them have undergone an extensive screening process to guarantee their accuracy and reliability. The company also offers a promise of satisfaction. It will provide you with five minutes of free time should you not be satisfied with the information.

For pricing, the offer for the first time from AskNow is attractive for first-time users, but you will have to pay more per minute for psychics who are experienced. However, once you have spent the first ten minutes, you’ll have to pay just $1 per minute. After that, you’ll be able to choose from an master advisor or an elite advisor for between $10 and $12 per min. You can also filter the search results by price, reading type, and format.


Kasamba is an online platform that offers psychic readings. It offers many options for reading and a wide range of reading options. Their psychic advisors specialize in a variety of areas, making their readings more precise. They also offer a money-back assurance. You can request a reimbursement if you are not satisfied with your review. They will decide the amount of your refund based on your review.

Kasamba is a user-friendly website. You will require only an email address and username, as well as a password to sign up with Kasamba. You can also pay using PayPal, Google Pay or a credit card. It is easy to register and you can start talking with your psychic immediately.

Psychic Source

If you’d like to get an online tarot reading with an expert, you can make use of Psychic Source. You can select which psychic you’d like and read testimonials from previous customers. The Psychic Source website also has a comprehensive FAQ section, that addresses a wide range of questions. You can also talk to staff members 24/7 to get additional assistance.

Psychic Source also has a smartphone app, meaning you can get an appointment in the moment. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You can filter your readers by preference, location, and experience, and then chat or call with them. You can also save your preferred readers to contact them any time and anywhere you like.