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Unusual Laws In Europe

There are many strange laws in Europe. Here are some of the most odd ones that you probably were not aware of in your home country. In addition, several countries within Europe have laws that are not found in other parts of the world. Read on to find out more. We live in Europe, so let’s look at some of them.

The strange laws of France: The small town of Lheraule has a law that says that you are not allowed to kiss anyone on a Sunday. In fact, if you’re caught kissing on a train platform, you’ll be thrown out of town. And there’s a rule in France that says that you can’t wear heels on archaeological sites. While these laws might seem extreme, they’re based on real events.

In England, it is illegal to die in the houses of Parliament. By law, in England, a pregnant woman can urinate anywhere she wants to, even if she chooses to have a pee in a policeman´s helmet! You cannot import potatoes into England or Wales if you have reason to believe they are Polish. In France it is Illegal to call a pig Napoleon. It is also illegal to take photos of the Eiffel tower at night.

In France, it is illegal to pick up a hitchhiker. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to drive a car on a Sunday. In Belarus, it’s against the law to drive without gas. In Eboli, Italy, it’s illegal to kiss while driving – a fine of over 300 euros. And in Britain, you’re not allowed to show off your clothes while driving or while playing a sport. In Denmark, you can’t even speak to a stranger on a public road unless you’re accompanied by a person.

There are also many strange laws in Europe. In England, it’s illegal to flag a taxi with the plague – and you can’t fly a kite while you’re on the bus. In Sweden, you can’t wave a cat in the street if you don’t have a cat. And in Belgium, it’s illegal to drive a mule, but it’s legal to ride a horse.

In Italy, it’s illegal to tell a man he has “no balls,” but if you’re wearing glasses, you can do this. In France, you can’t drive in the middle of the night unless you wear a special license. In Spain, it’s also illegal to drive with a horn. But in Germany, if you’re driving on a one-way street, you can park on the other side of the road.

There are a number of other strange laws in Europe. In some countries, it’s illegal to wear swimsuits. In others, there are no laws regarding spitting in public. In Sweden, it’s forbidden to spit on the floor. The U.S. has a similar law. However, you’ll be required to wear a diaper if you’re in a country where such a law is in place.

Lets be realistic, these laws are funny! I can imagine that people do not abide by these laws. However, never the less, they are unusual laws that still exist!