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Which Companies Offer LGV Training Courses in the UK?

There is a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK and Europe. This is a great job, since it’s less expensive to learn the skills needed for the job. The costs of the course will depend on the kind of vehicle you’d like to drive, such as rigid-sided or articulated lorries.


HGVC is a major provider of commercial licensing acquisition training courses in the UK. It has been commissioned by Adur & Worthing Council, Worcester City Council, and a number of other local authorities to manage their HGV licensing programs. This new partnership is designed to increase awareness of commercial license acquisition and training, and provides the future generation of HGV drivers with the knowledge and skills they need to be secure, efficient and efficient.

The HGV sector is experiencing both the shortage of technical expertise and a lack of recruitment. HGVC has developed their own training program to meet the demands for both business and individuals. Since the company was established in 2012 it has expanded to become one of the top providers of training for commercial vehicles in the UK. It is able meet the various needs of clients and keep up-to-date with latest regulations and legislation.

Health and Safety Training Limited

Health and Safety Training Limited (HSTL) is an approved training provider by the government providing affordable and rigorous HGV training schemes. Before you begin the process of taking an HGV training course, you might have a few questions. These FAQs will help you clarify any doubts.

HSTL offers LGV training courses in Newcastle, Darlington, and Billingham. hgv training enrolled in these courses will get support throughout the theory and the practical. They will also be given mock tests and be enrolled in The Job Gym, a program that helps them find a job. This program will guarantee interviews with up to 50 employers. There are more than 3000 vacancies advertised on The Job Gym.

Translink Express Logistics

Translink Express Logistics offers free LGV training courses for drivers who are new to the UK. The company was established in 1987 and has been in operation for more than 30 years. The course is a five-day in-person course that guides learners through theory and mock tests. Practical training is also offered, which allows learners to test drive an LGV. The company also provides the HGV licence boot camp which guarantees interviews with 50 potential employers. The company has more than 3000 vacancies in its database and can assist you to find a job within the industry.

The company is a part of the Pallet-Track network, that supports a recruitment campaign for students looking for jobs in the logistics sector. As part of the “Let’s Talk Logistics campaign, the company will also be a part of a recruitment drive in Leicestershire. The Blaby District’s Fosse Park Shopping Centre will host the recruitment drive.

MSM Training

Flexible working hours are an integral part of a career as an LGV driver. There is no set work hours. The opportunity to work from anywhere in the UK is attractive , and there is a rising demand for qualified drivers in the UK. The industry is looking for replacements for retiring drivers and there are more than 80,000 open positions.