Is Expedited Passport Renewal Right For You
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Is Expedited Passport Renewal Right For You?

A life-or-death emergency may be a good reason to seek an expedited passport renewal. You may need your passport sooner than usual, but it’s important to be aware of the processing time, fees, and requirements of the process. You can submit your application in person if your situation is urgent. In many cases, an expedited passport renewal can be processed the same day you request it. To find out if it’s right for you, keep reading!

Life-or-death emergencies

You must present your life-or-death emergency to qualify for expedited passport renewal. A life-or-death emergency is defined as a situation where one or more family members needs a passport urgently. Immediate family members include your spouse, children, and legal guardians. They also include your grandparents. If you meet the qualifications for a life-or-death emergency, you can apply for an expedited passport within 48 hours.

In an emergency, you may need to travel out of the country urgently. An emergency passport may be required if a family member is suffering from a life-threatening illness or is on the verge of death. The passport office phone number changes depending on the day of the week and time of day. To apply for an emergency passport, you must provide evidence of your emergency, such as a letter from a hospital or death certificate. You must also include proof of international travel. Travel adviser Desiree Overhage suggests calling your U.S. representative’s office and explaining your situation.


When applying for a passport renewal, you must provide your most recent passport, a photo, and application fees. You can get the necessary information from the U.S. Department of State, but you can also visit the National Passport Information Center for more information. Fees for passport renewal vary, and your location, age, and urgency will play a role in the cost. If you want your passport to be issued quickly, you may need to pay an expedited service fee.

If you need your passport sooner than the standard processing time, you can take advantage of expedited services. These services can speed up the passport processing time by as much as two weeks. However, you must provide proof of travel within two weeks. You can also use a registered courier service to expedite the process. These services cost $60, but they are worth every penny. Regardless of the method you choose, you can expect to wait about two to three weeks for your renewal.

Processing times

If you need a passport renewal in a hurry, there are several options available. Processing times for standard passports can take anywhere from eight to 11 weeks, including six weeks for mailing. However, if you’re planning to travel within 72 hours, an expedited service might be worth the extra cost. Processing times are typically faster, though, if you’re willing to pay a $60 fee for expedited processing.

While the US State Department no longer uses “door-to-door” timeframes to describe routine and expedited service, it is important to know that these times start on the day that your passport is received at the passport center or agency. This time does not include the time required for mail delivery. While USPS states that Priority Mail delivery is one to three business days, there’s no guarantee of this. When planning your travel plans, you should factor in at least one week for the processing of your passport renewal.


If you need to get a passport in a hurry, you can apply for an expedited passport renewal service. This service will allow you to have your passport ready in two to three weeks. However, this time can be longer if there is a high volume of applications. The more applications you send in, the longer it will take for them to process them. You must also have a valid passport photo and pay the required fees before you can begin the expedited passport renewal process.

The process to apply for an expedited passport renewal is faster when you fill out the paperwork ahead of time. Typically, you must fill out Form DS-82 and submit it in person or by mail. This form needs to be single-sided and printed clearly. You can also complete the application online and print out the application in blue or black ink. You must also submit two recent photographs of yourself and a check. Before you apply, check to see if the expedited service accepts these items before you head to the local passport office.